Is the Slim Fit or Regular Fit Suit Best for You?

We get it. It’s confusing.

Should you get a regular fit or a size up in a slim fit? What even is a slim fit? Are slim fits shorter?

Never fear—we’ve got your questions answered.


A Regular Fit Suit is the classic look. It’s been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. This is your father’s suit. This is your grandfather’s suit. This is also your suit.

Comfortable and perfect for work, the Regular Fit has wider shoulders than the Slim Fit. The trousers fall straight down, sometimes with a slight tapering.


Slim Fit is the new rage. It’s extremely fashionable with a tapered look that will make you appear taller. The shoulders are slimmer and the trousers are tapered. The Slim Fit requires a slim, sporty figure to pull off. If you’re extra muscly, it might be better to just get a regular fit altered to your body for that clean, tapered look.

If you do opt for the Slim Fit, you’re going to need a slim fit dress shirt and a thin tie. You do not want a regular fit shirt bunching up under your suit and a thicker tie messing with the slimming and lengthening effect.

On the plus side, a Slim Fit suit pairs fantastic with a polo or tee shirt for a more casual look.


No matter which style you choose, most suits come unhemmed, meaning you will need to get your pants hemmed. For Regular Fit suits, you'll want your hem just touching the top of your dress shoes. For Slim Fit suits, most men wear the hem higher so that the shoe does not interrupt the slim tapered line.